June 6, 2011

How Inviting

All I really want to do is play in piles of vintage clothes, make outfits, take pictures, and dabble on Etsy and my blog -

but unfortunately sometimes life gets in the way of what we really want to do. Lately I have been staring at a pile of wedding invitations that I MUST send out ASAP. All of my bridesmaids live far away from me and can't assist, so this leaves me pretty helpless :( Luckily, I have the best fiance in the world, all it took was a bottle of wine and some coffee ice cream to get him to sit down with a pair of scissors! Hopefully we will finish them tonight.
I was able to snap these pictures and post these outfits during the 50 million breaks we took from cutting inserts. All of these items are now listed at LBVie :) You can find them here

Mucho love on a Monday!


  1. Love that first outfit. Lovely!


  2. gorgeous outfits, i love picture one


  3. I wish I could do that all day, too! Pay dress-up & take fun photos. XO



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