May 3, 2012

Summer Essentials

(guest blog, Caitlyn Hendrickson)

The weather here in Washington D.C. has been rather, shall we say, temperamental, but I think summer is right on our heels. And I love summer just as much as anyone- grillin' out, lazy pool days, impromptu beach trips. And with that, here's a roundup of a few things I'll be acquiring as "summer essentials."

Summer is on our heels, and so is the wedding season.  Every time I turn around, someone in my life is preparing to walk down the aisle. And what a better way to congratulate the happy couple than with a  "Just Married" bottle o' vino! I'll definitely be toting this to all the summer weddings, via Swanson Vineyards. 

Everybody is doing it- bright and bold pouts! Whether it's haute pink, cotton candy or rose, I have to get my hands on the perfect vibrant pink for the summer months. Don't you agree? 

Beach, or in my case, lake reading is essential. Boy and I will head up to Lake Winnipesaukee this July, and I intend on finding myself in the hammock with Tomboy Style: Beyond the Boundaries of Fashion.  Though, according to the editors of Vanity Fair (and let's be honest, they really do know what they're talking about),  The Age of Miracles in the next best thing, once we all get over the hub bub of The Hunger Games. What's on your list for those lazy afternoons? 

And lastly, Bobbi Brown's Beach Body Oil is essential. It's the perfect light and refreshing scent for when you want to feel like you've been at the beach all day. Slightly awkward to put on, but I promise you,  that beau of yours will not stop kissing your neck. So what are your must haves for the summer? 

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