May 8, 2012

La Petite Marmoset: A Garden Party - May 2012

La Petite Marmoset: A Garden Party - May 2012
A very special thanks to the entire team involved! From getting scolded for putting Mansi in a tree to meeting Hudson, the coolest dog ever - and from Leah getting a champagne shower (you have to watch the video!) to swirling uncontrollably in the grass - this lookbook really was so much fun to make, and it would have been IMPOSSIBLE without our wonderful team! :) xx

Photography: Amber Mahoney Live It Out Photo
Videographer: Adam Mizrahi Mizrahi Films
Location: Green Spring Gardens
Hair: W Salon
Makeup: Anna Castillo Crabb Ink Cosmetics
Stylists: Katherine Martinez & Ashley Thomas Turchin La Petite Marmoset
Models: Mansi Mehta, Aster Thomas, Leah Øsnös


  1. OMG you ladies did reallllllly good! Its freaking gorge!

  2. I LOVE these... hard to pick a favorite but the shot with the lace shadows is SO pretty. Great job to all involved! :)

  3. Wow, these are really beautiful - I love them! They're actually quite amazing..

    - Joana


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