March 19, 2012

Elie Tahari Fashion Show + LPM Party

I had the pleasure of walking in the "World of Elie Tahari" Fashion show at Saks this past weekend. I'm a big fan of the rope chokers, classic silhouettes, strappy sandals and bright colors.

Photos Courtesy Vithaya Phongsavan

PLEASE forgive me for the lackadaisical work ethic on my blog lately!Things have been crazy busy! (in a good way, of course). Katherine and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary of La Petite Marmoset last week:

Katherine & I - Photo Courtesy SMf0t0

Mixing Florals at the Party :) - Photo courtesy The President Wears Prada
We couldn't have asked for a better time. So many wonderful friends and colleagues came out to support our venture. It really meant the world to us, and was so much fun :) You can find a great re-cap from the event, from our dear friends at The President Wears Prada
On top of work, LPM, travel and modeling, Steven and I are also in the process of moving (I despise moving) - but it's for the best, and I can't wait to call a new place home and to have an awesome-possum housewarming party! :)
Happy Monday Loves!



  1. you are the perfect model! i knew you secretly had it in you:) xo

  2. You look soo pretty!! Great job working the runway!

  3. Love the dress on the second photo!



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