February 22, 2012

Happy Birthday CapFabb

I had the pleasure of attending the Capital Area Fashion & Beauty Bloggers anniversary party last night. Thank you SO MUCH to Lacey and Liz for starting CapFabb 1 year ago, and bringing all of us bloggers together :)

Liz & Lacey - Photo courtesy TPWP
My favorite Spicy Candy DC Sandwich! :)
They had a photobooth there...enough said.
Katherine and I being our silly selves - Photo courtesy of TPWP
*Wearing Parker Dress & Vintage blazer

On a side note, I must admit...sometimes I can be such a horrible 'blogger.' I get so consumed with chatting and laughing that I sometimes forget to snap the necessary blog photos! Thank goodness for my dear friends at The President Wears Prada, who always has the best recap of any event! You can see their photos HERE 

**Anyways, I'd really like to raise a toast to Liz & Lacey to thank them for founding CapFabb and introducing me to so many wonderful bloggers who in turn have become my friends :) Thank you!


  1. Hi there! I just wanted to drop you a note and say that I absolutely adore your outfit...great style. I am off to check out your Etsy shop too. I just moved here from Boston so I am hoping to meet some other bloggers soon. Naina

  2. ahaha "photobooth...enough said"
    I love your pictures!!!!

  3. Aww, adorable:)

  4. love the two black&white group pictures! <3

    xx mika

  5. Thank YOU for supporting and being there! So happy to have met you and everyone else!


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