October 23, 2011

pretty pretty fall

My husband and I travelled south for the weekend to see some friends in central Virginia. The drive was absolutely beautiful - rolling hills, trees of greens, yellows, reds and orange - it finally felt like fall.

My girlfriend raided her grandmother's closet and is consigning some clothing through LBVie. This 1960s primary plaid emerald green skirt is one of her items.

Silk NY&C top, F21 Necklace & Boots, Vintage Skirt
All photos taken by my dearest friend Michelene
You can find this amazing skirt HERE in the store

Our weekend was spent playing in piles of vintage clothing, taking lots of trips to Starbucks, eating (and drinking) way too much and listening to some excellent live music :o) Which brings me to my next Random Fact:

My husband can SING! and boy is he talented! :)

I hope you all had an amazing weekend! Enjoy Fall while we have it!


  1. hey! I just discovered your blog. and loved it! you had a great weekend welcoming fall! have a Cupcake week!

  2. Love your blog, it's really cool that your skirt is from the 60's; lovely outfit :).

  3. love that skirt! your whole outfit is so cute!


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