September 16, 2011

Put a collar on it

One of my favorite items to search for when i'm vintage-ing (or thrifting) is definitely blouses. You can find them in all shapes, textures, sizes, colors, etc. but each and every one is unique, and you can feel comfortable getting on the metro in the morning, knowing that the girl next to you won't be wearing the same blouse. She will probably be wearing Forever 21, Target, Zara or Urban, and i'm sure she will still look TOTALLY CUTE -- but you will look better :o) And MUCH more unique...she'll ask: "where did you get that awesome blouse?" and you'll say "'s vintage!"
SHOP VINTAGE!! <3  --- Here are some of my favorites from LBVie:

You can find all of these cute vintage blouses and much more HERE at LBVie :o)

Happy Friday everyone! :o)

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