August 22, 2011

Just ask nicely

I stumbled upon some of the cutest vintage shoes this past weekend and posted them to LBVie. This woman at the estate sale had these tapestry flats in her hand, and I literally followed her around the entire house 16 times waiting for her to set them down, and look at something else, so I could SNATCH them up! haha jk, I pretty much just begged for them, then she gave them to me. I realized there was no way in H-E double hockey sticks I would fit my size 9 foot in these size 8 here you go. LOVELY UBER TRENDY FLORAL TAPESTRY FLATS for a lucky size 8 :o)

I also found these darling red leather shooting star flats, an awesome pair of leather braided Huaraches, and a REALLY awesome pair of vintage Ralph Lauren Caramel Tan Leather Riding Boots!


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  1. Lovely shoes! The red flats are too cute!



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