May 13, 2011

Listed at LBVie

I've just recently listed some adorable and rare vintage finds at LBVie :)

The first is a Handmade By Eleanor 1960s pale pink and metallic sheath dress in absolutely excellent vintage condition (looks unworn). I imagine this dress being worn to an elegant summer wedding, or an evening out on the town:

Vintage 1960s Sheath Dress $46 at LBVie

Speaking of weddings, what a beautiful find is this lace vintage maxi dress!

Vintage Lace Maxi $58 at LBVie

I also recently listed some really adorable flats -- a great stunning silver disco pair, and a lovely navy leather studded pair :)

Both are $16 at LBVie :)

I love vintage clothing, not only for its quality, history and style, but for its amazing uniqueness and magical wearability. The brilliance behind vintage is the rarity; you become an uber cool fashionista when you infiltrate vintage into your wardrobe! I usually try to mix and match a little vintage in everything I wear - it makes for a unique, stylish look :)

**PS, don't forget about LBVie's current giveaway! When LBVie's Facebook page reaches 300 likes, a 50% Off coupon code will be activated, and one lucky fan will win anything of their choice from the store! :)
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Ohh the beautiful life!
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  1. That first dress is so classic! very audrey hepburn!

    The Flower Girl

  2. That pale pink dress is a stunner.


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