April 11, 2011

Starbucks is my Bitter Sweet Symphony

We all have one...something we absolutely love and cannot fathom giving up, even if it means we're being unrealistic or impratical. Starbucks is that vice to me. I cannot and will not give up my Starbucks. I have cut back drastically (now only going about 5 times a week compared to the usual 10) -- but I just LOVE everything about it. I love the coffee, the 'frou, frou' drinks, the music, the atmosphere, the brand etc. I am addicted, I enjoy Starbucks so much, I feel naked if I'm not carrying around the signature cup. Sad? maybe...tasty, cool, entertaining...ABSOLUTELY!

On Friday, my good friend Gwen came to town from LA. She is visiting her Fiance, who works out here. I was able to snag her away for a Starbucks date! We talked wedding plans (for both of us!), work, fashion, life, the list goes on.
Gwen :o) So adorable, I love her huge pearl cocktail ring!

Cheeese!!! (Love this retro camera app for smartphones!)

Caramel Frapps - yummm! (Picture courtesy of zootpatrol.com) 

I probably spend way too much money at Starbucks, but if it is going to provide me a great time with wonderful friends...then it's totally worth every penny :o)

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