October 16, 2012

Smoke & Mirrors: La Petite Marmoset Oct. 2012

Smoke and Mirrors: LPM Halloween Lookbook from Caroline Lacey on Vimeo.

A very special thank you to all involved in this magical lookbook. We had such a great time getting in character and setting the stage for a spooky-fied halloween!  

Creative Direction/Photography:
Katherine Martinez-La Petite Marmoset
Ashley Turchin- La Petite Marmoset
Lise Silva

Caroline Lacey

Ashley Turchin- La Petite Marmoset
Carlis Sanchez- Spicy Candy DC
Lise Silva

Megan Mosig- W Salon VA
Ann Cornelius- W Salon VA

Emma Jade
Gabriella Cauterucci
Melanie Blankenship

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