August 9, 2012

My, what big...chairs you have

Blouse - La Petite Marmoset; Shorts - J.Crew (Similar Here)
Shoes - J. Crew last season (similar on sale here); Bracelets - Vintage; Necklace - F21 (similar here)

I've passed by these big blue chairs on many occasions and everytime I giggle like a little girl wondering what it would be like to climb up in the oversized chair as passer-byers poke fun and friends take photos. Well today, I climbed in that big blue chair, passer-byers poked fun and my friend took pictures - it was AWESOME.

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  1. I loved this outfit! You just made those chairs look wayyy prettier than before :)

  2. You look so beautiful! I love the contrast of the bright blue chairs to your red blouse :)You & Katherine always have such fun outfit pictures! Will I be seeing you at the Cap FABB meetup Wednesday?!


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