April 24, 2012

Channeling Mad (wo)Men

We're taking a break from regular programming for a second so I can introduce a dear friend of mine, Caitlyn who will now be guest posting regularly on LPM Ashley :) Not only is she brains, beauty and fun, she is an amazing person with a huge heart and a great sense of style.

We thought it would be fun to get another perspective on the blog - we'll still have our regular outfit posts and shop updates, but get ready for some exciting new material :) This first post is already one of my favs (probably because i'm obsessed with all things Mad Men and LPM :))

(guest post, Caitlyn Hendrickson) 

As of late, Ashley and I have become ADDICTED to watching Mad Men with our significant others- just addicted. I know, I know, we’re about 3 years behind,  but we’ll be watching season 5 in no time at all. Oh, we both adore the jaw dropping plot lines, but let’s be honest, the fashion is what really reels us in.

The three leading ladies, Peggy, Joan and Betty have very unique styles, completely emulated in their personalities. While perusing through LPM’s finds the other day, I couldn’t help but notice that so many LPM looks create a modernized look of the Mad (wo)Men’s wardrobes.

Oh to have the curves of Joan. I know I have a slight girl crush on her.

And here’s the modernized LPM look, slightly more demure, but still makes that daring statement that Joni does so well, sauntering around the office.

Betty Draper is literally the “girl next door” so of course, we imagine her, always, in floral.

And the LPM look. Clearly, I’m loving the rompers.

Oh Peggy. Being that I’m only halfway into season 2, Peggy continues to don her elementary gingham dresses, but we still love her.

An LPM look that’s still Peggy Olson sweet, but sure to turn heads. 

So who are you? Joan, Betty or Peggy? 

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