July 14, 2011


So, now you know I'm getting married in 9 days. Another little (maybe strange) fact about me? I absolutely LOVE Harry Potter. I blame it on my Fiance for introducing me to the movies 3 years ago, and now, I honestly can't get enough. He is much more obsessed than I am (literally watching these movies over and over again) - but it is some quirky little awkward semi-secret that we share. (I may even buy him the HP wand set for Christmas! - Oh, and we plan on visiting Hogwarts next year!)

Anyway, as a celebration of the last film being released in the states, my store, LBVie Vintage, is giving all customers FREE SHIPPING this weekend! Free shipping to all buyers, everywhere, you can't beat that! Just enter this coupon code at checkout: [RIDDIKULUS]
Here are some of my favorite items currently for sale:

You can find all of these items and more HERE

Happy Shopping, and HAPPY Harry Potter Weekend!!

With Love,
LBVie :))


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  2. i love your style! great outfits!!
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