April 14, 2011

HOW TO WEAR IT: Mixed Prints

Mixing prints is one of my favorite things to do when styling! It enables me to use my creativity and widens my scope of possibilities! This is one of the trickiest trends to put together and to pull off...my best advice...play around with your looks, and always wear them with confidence!

Here is how the trend has been done on the runway:

Photos courtesy of InStyle.com

Mixing prints doesn't have to be this dramatic, start with these basic tips, and see where they take you!

  • I've found that the best piece in my closet to mix any print with is a basic white tee with thin blue or grey stripes, like this one:

Or this one:
Forever 21 striped top, $17.80

These tops are a great start! To keep your 'mixed prints' super chic, tuck the striped top into whatever you are pairing it with, it keeps the look clean and uniformed. I often pair my striped tee with a floral skirt or printed trousers:

Urban Renewal Blossom Pull-On Mini Skirt, UO, $39
Staring at Stars printed Chiffon Maxi, UO, $59

Sparkle & Fade Lightning Pant, UO, $38

 If you go with a black and white bottom (like the skirt or trousers) pair the look with a bright color waistbelt, I like blue, purple and red. If the look is still too far out of your comfort zone, add a solid color cardigan or blazer to the ensemble, it will neutralize the patterns.

  • Stripes and Floral are fabulous!

Photo courtesy of lovebrownsugar.com

DKNY Spring 2010 Collection style.com 

  • Try mixed prints with similar color combinations
Polka Dots and Stripes on Rachel Bilson

Cooperative Fruit Printed Cardigan, UO, $29.99

  • Floral Blazers
The floral blazer combines the floral trend with the already fashionable structured blazer - which just screams chic! It's a great piece to mix prints with, put it over a polka dot tank, striped tee, or  floral sundress for a seriously cool look!

Floral Blazer, La Belle Vie Vintage $28

Floral Blazer and Dress, TopShop

Think you've got the look down? Go bold and beautiful!

Photo courtesy of stylesthatworkforyou.com

The reason this look works? The sweater is a neutral shade, the prints are both plaid, and the gold shoes tie the look together. Also, with her confidence, she can rock anything!

Mixing prints is fun and daring! Play around with your wardrobe, I'd love to see what you come up with!

Ohh, the beautiful life!
La Belle Vie!!

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